About Me:

I am an Assistant Professor in the Tandy School of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa. My research is novel and multidisciplinary. It straddles several areas - Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, End-User Programming, Gender Studies and Empirical Evaluation. I am interested in inventing technologies by studying and modeling both human factors and software engineering factors in the context of programmers' tasks. The primary goal of my research is to empower problem-solving professionals (experts, novice programmers, end-user programmers, and underrepresented communities) by integrating SE activities into their existing workflow without changing the nature of their work or priorities using/inventing HCI methods. My stature is bolstered by dozens of publications, two prestigious research NSF CAREER and U.S. Air Force Young Investigator (YIP) Awards, two best paper awards (one at an international conference with 3,500+ submissions) and one honorable mention (an international conference with 4,500+ submissions), conference committee memberships, keynote/invited lectures, and nominated for teaching and mentoring excellence. I received a letter from the U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe congratulating me for receiving the YIP award.

I am actively involved in diversity and inclusion through my teaching, research, and service. I am Vice President for Community Outreach as well as Professional Development at the Tulsa North-Eastern Oklahoma Society of Women Engineers (Tulsa SWE). At TU, I am the faculty advisor for the SWE, Young Professionals of TU, and National Center for Women in Information & Technology (NCWIT). I have been invited to elementary, middle, and high schools to motivate students in STEM. These acts help in positively impacting the field of CS and engineering, increasing recruitment, and retention.


  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2021.
  • U.S. Air Force Young Investigator Program Award, 2021.
  • Honorable Mention, International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2021 (4,500+ submissions).
  • Best Paper, International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2016 (3,500+ submissions).
  • Best Paper, International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2016 (350+ submissions).
  • First Prize for User-Centered Design, Global User Experience Career Summit, 2014.
Keynote and Invited Talks

  • Inclusive Pair-Programming Conversational Agent meets Co-Pilot, GitHub Next and Microsoft Research Lab, April 2022.
  • Bridging Programmers' Collaboration Gaps with Intelligent Programmer-Centric Systems, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, March 2022.
  • Visual Resume: Exploring developers’ online contributions for hiring, IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering, Honolulu, Hawaii, March 2022.
  • Bridging Programmers' Collaboration Gaps with Intelligent Programmer-Centric Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Feb 2022.
  • Bridging Programmers' Collaboration Gaps with Intelligent Programmer-Centric Systems, Colorado State University, Colorado, Feb 2022.
  • Human-centric software engineering: Fostering effective collaborations, Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, India, October 2021.
  • How do end-user programmers forage in online repositories? An information foraging perspective, IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, St. Louis, USA, October 2021.
  • Designing conversational agents for programmers, Punjabi University, Patiala, India, October 2021.
  • Testing software: Challenges and hardships of non-traditional testers, presented at the International Workshop on User Interface Test Automation and Testing Techniques for Event Based Software at the International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation, Porto, Portugal, October 2020.
  • Characterizing brain neural response in the same and mixed genders pairs, Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Tulsa, Oklahoma, December 2020.
  • Towards designing conversational agents for pair programming, Human-AI Collaboration Group, T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York, June 2019.
  • On the benefits of providing versioning support for end users: An empirical study, International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Seoul, Korea, April 2015.
  • Variation management to enhance end users’ programming experience, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, February 2015.
In Press/Recognitions

Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Experiences

I received my Ph.D. student at the department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I worked as a Research assistant in the Software Engineering group (ESQuaReD) under the supervision of Dr. Gregg Rothermel and Dr. Anita Sarma. I worked as Post Doctoral Scholar at the school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Oregon State University, Corvallis and worked with Dr. Margaret Burnett. I am an Oracle 9i DBA Certified Professional.


I'm looking for self-motivated and hard-working Master and Ph.D. students. If you are interested in my research, please email me a copy of your CV/Resume, including some samples or descriptions of your major projects.